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Hound Dogs

Updated: Jan 25

A little Dachshund if you are not careful you can trip over. It might be an oversight for the busy person rushing around,​ upset they have frightened their little toy but ​don't worry, deep down​ disguised by its  short legs and long body lies the heart of a lion. 

Bred as a hunting dog it is fact a hound dog. Famed for badger hunting this ferocious little warrior is known as a "Badger Hound"in Germany; its long body and physical attributes, like short legs and an inbuilt instinct to burrow enable it to easily pursue its victim to the death. 

Next time your little dachshund snuggles itself under your blankets for a cosy nap remember it is its natural behaviour and they were bred for it.  


​Well known personalities love or have loved their dachshunds and I'm really happy a lot of them like myself were arts too. Picasso, Andy Warhol and David Hockney instantly come to mind and have featured in their paintings too at some point. 

Once you have a dachshund in your life you will know it, this plucky, tenacious little hound dog. or dachshund will leave an everlasting impression. 

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