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Cat Behaviour

Updated: Jan 25

I know our black cat Percy is a preying Percy as his twitching tail indicates now and then. Yes he has sensed the prey, possibly we have mice! and he is on the scent.

But then again he is an affection little cat as he rubs his head against me saying "Hello" so I think!

Nothing so social ! .... what he is actually doing is "bunting"and is showing his ownership over me. Argh!

Just as he would rub on furniture to leave his scent to mark his territory, he is letting me know I am part of his autocracy and this is perfectly normal cat behaviour.

What with his chattering, when he spots our little Robin outside the window and getting his jaw ready for the kill or twitching his ears back and forth I'm backing off slowly; because he is clearly anxious and agitated.

When his ears point upright, showing he is alert and simply listening intently to what's going on in Black Cat land, rolling around on his back letting me know that in this vulnerable position he feels safe around me and wants to play I am a lot more relaxed.

It is generous moments like these that Percy will bring gifts, more like leaving me with his kill of rodents, birds, or insects.!

Ah Bless he is thanking me for looking after him.

One minute his cat’s eyes are fixed on me, best not to stare him out, as he will think I'm aggressive and prepare for a fight and the next he will blink "kitty kisses" showing his affection.

I respond blinking slowly back and continues to blow “kitty kisses” my way.

We could live happy ever after but then there are the Cat Calls!

Its 2.00am. I'm fast asleep and he's barreling, howling away because he wants to get out for his night walk, his nocturnal instincts to hunt during the night wreaking havoc on my sleep.

Ah well, tomorrow is another day and this is all cat behaviour.

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