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Introducing Asto Arte's Affordable Art,
it’s raining cats and dogs 

Asto’s solitary childhood, his two pets and and artist mother’s inspiration set
him on course to paint and draw his own world at an early age. 

It’s now a “ Return Journey” as Asto gets out his paint brush in a renewed search for a world of innocence.

Asto's naive style  ​paintings are keeping with the tradition of the naive art genre and painted with childlike simplicity​ highlighting the very basics of creative instincts. Viewed by modernists as an attempt to get away from the "insincere sophistication of art created within the traditional system​"

The most famous naïve artist of modern times is​ Henri Rousseau  whose day time job was a customs man whilst in Britain, Asto's favourite is the St Ives seaman Alfred Wallis, whose work famously influenced Ben Nicholson.

​Sometimes referred to as modern primitives​, the genre overlaps with what is called outsider art and then again by  Asto as "quirky" with a sense of humour.

 Naive art includes art of children and also art made by people on the fringes of society such as prisoners and all types of people who think outside the box.


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